Features of modern stained-glass windows

Grumble, delight, dreams, inspiration is a stained-glass window. Though on the other hand, it is the unusual glass gingerbread made on a spark. Elements of multi-colored glass are alloyed with metal, becoming captivating work. Special brass, lead, copper, the wire which have between motley fragments of glass before the room in the furnace forms a basis for a stained-glass window. Classical option when use a basis – transparent, usual, glass which bake with the ornament placed on a surface from iridescent fragments of glass of composition. Stained-glass window – a design volume and quite heavy. In addition and in production difficult, and it, certainly, does it by pleasure expensive.
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Today the wide circulation has performance of so-called illusions of stained-glass windows. This system can be characterized simplicity of performance and smaller cost in comparison with usual option, however the creations which have been executed thus, aren’t so durable. Nevertheless, high-quality illusion of a stained-glass window literally doesn’t concede on the attractiveness.

Having added a false ceiling with a stained-glass window insert, inspiring interior design is easily created. Stained-glass window illusion since classical stained glass patterns can have too big weight for ceiling structure is usually applied. Bright illumination with a picturesque stained-glass window creates special effect. In registration of rooms various images and stained glass illusions of windows can be used.
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Polichromatic stained-glass windows in old times gave magnificence to regal houses. Perfectly they fit similarly into progressive interior design. But, it isn’t necessary to think that today stained-glass windows are only window apertures. Different in a method of production by stained glass windows shutters of cases and kitchen lockers, interroom doors can be decorated. Surprisingly beautifully stained glass screens can look in interior design. Task them optically to divide the room area. Such “wall” from polichromatic glass ideally for this purpose approaches.

Various design accessories often can be decorated with stained glass components. It can be screens, graceful caskets, candlesticks, lamp shades, frames. The variety of the subjects having elements of a pseudo-stained-glass window, is literally boundless: various panels, chandeliers, souvenirs, supports. Light, color, character, stylishness, fashion, emotionality – here that such a stained-glass window.

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