Favourite pets


All of us in the childhood dreamed of a dog, a cat, birdies and so on. At the worst about a hamster or a mouse. To whom brought, that had which that pet he wanted and of which dreamed. At me with luck was hardly therefore I had hamsters.

But it seems that and at the hamsters living at me, with luck was even worse and all of them went to a better world without having lived till the old age. And some and till a maturity didn’t hold out. One fell from a window, the second was hung up in a cage between rods, the third rolled in a toilet bowl, (exact sequence I don’t remember), and the fourth so fine ate a rain from a fir-tree that I was sure that it will bring it only pleasure and advantage. In some days he died.

The truth was also a dog. The father from the North brought husky. After three-four months of accommodation it dirtied a loggia so, there was no place what to step. Also he grew to the considerable sizes. Me the first grader I bore from feet easily. For life it didn’t pass test in the apartment and was safely deployed to the village to the grandfather. Here and all my experience of the maintenance of pets.

The truth I was also which tried to disappear all the time somewhere. He was almost my friend. All girls in an arquebuse class from its look. For the night I it sat down in bank, closed a cover and left one. There it also kicked off. It is visible I didn’t sustain the next night loneliness.

And as early as years in twenty me presented a turtle. That with it to do I had no concept. Therefore put her in a box in a table, I threw a leaf of cabbage and remorselessly about it I forgot as at that time me other turtles interested absolutely. The next night I understood why to me it presented. The nails claws it scratched a floor is so noisy that I was sure that it is team of plasterers in the neighboring room, suddenly at night walls undertook. Naturally next day it was categorically deported from my room and regifted to any snub-nosed chicken, with the story about that what it is the most valuable copy. It seems, I even braided about that this turtle was the doubler of the actress of Tortila playing a role in the children’s movie of “an adventure of the Pinocchio”. Generally, safely I got rid of this reptile, having given even a cabbage leaf of which it by the way and took a bite.

Now I have the family. The apartment. Children grow up. And certainly they want “well somebody”. And the wife something there cracks about a cat. Now my brain stopped before such complex challenge. There is a wish to make so that it turned out as in purely national proverb: and a small fish to eat and… and by a ship to drive. Well or at least, that did without victims from three parties (me, a family and that unfortunate which will lodge to our apartment).

However, I already lost the first fight. Not gloomy day returned to one I home and … a-a-a-a-a! ! ! our apartment was attacked by a mouse. I took off a sneaker from a foot, at all without having untied laces (the ambassador in a quiet condition I tried to repeat, it didn’t turn out in any way) and was ready to interrupt this invasion. BUT … wife and children! After I learned that it not mice, and Asian hamsters and that is one of the most beautiful rodents. Fortunately these creatures don’t give me troubles. The smell isn’t present, eat it seems not much (in any case, I didn’t see, than them in general feed), it isn’t necessary to walk. However, at first, as soon as I went to bed, they started running in the running circle, than created noise. But not for long these mice were engaged in night jog. I simply jammed, this circle and the blissful silence set in.

There was at us one more domestic pet. However, this member of household lived at us exactly one night. I stayed with the parents in the village. And on departure the father caught a rooster and in threw to me it in the car. I brought it home. Children with it it seems also were played. As a result for the night put him in a box and carried in a toilet. That night I understood that means “to be up with the lark”. At four o’clock in the morning this “eagle” started shouting so that all residential district woke up, probably. Personally for me became news that howl a fire siren concedes to singing of this bird in times. We with the wife to this hoopoe and light included (wanted to create illusion of the come day) and any grain poured, and with a rag covered. I even tried to talk to it in a human way, but everything is useless. In seven mornings the wife went for favourite work. I never saw so much pleasure at it on a face as in that morning. I even for an instant thought that she really adores the work. Through a floor of hour after leaving of the wife, my patience burst. I simply twisted to it a neck. Conclusion: keep the mouth shut and can, you will live a day more.

And a few days ago our neigbour for the children got a cat. I so validly treated earlier the neigbour. There is a wish to notice that I in general treat cats in any way. One of the most useless animals on a planet the earth. Living at the mother-in-law as I have been through a lot from this creature. It opposite “meow” began in five fifty and shouted while we won’t get up. My sock tense on his head sufficed for about ten minutes. Short pause plus loss of a sock of pleasure to me didn’t bring. After it I started thinking and as soon as I jumped, it climbed under a bed, from where it was almost impossible to get it. And still small inconvenience which I tested from our cohabitation. For a cat it opposite there were conveniences. It periodically went on small that to my sneakers, to my bag that me very much angered.

And here when I heard about desire of my children to get IT. Me distorted. Took great pain to explain about uselessness of existence of these living creatures, that it will spoil on corners.

The other day were in circus. Children saw tigers. And now the tiger cub is necessary to us. I try to explain to children that when the tiger cub will grow up – on corners we will spoil. I speak about usefulness of an aquarium. That small fishes calm nerves. No, the cat or a small tiger cub is necessary to us. The wife stammered about a guinea pig, but probably having looked in my eyes, understood that this creature at us will be never.

It appears: it is very difficult to make a choice. I remembered the type nursery a chant: “BUY the ELEPHANT. All speak …, and you take and buy”.

At the time of imposition of this article the decision on purchase of a dog, breed the Labrador was made. Reason of such decision: the kindest character and absolute lack of any aggression. But it is necessary to buy in nursery. Cost is from $600 to 1500. Can the cat is better?

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