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Fathers and children. We grow.

The kid already turns over on a tummy? Creeps? Sits? Tries to stand? Well, a little we it seems already accustomed. But don’t hurry to rejoice!

The wife approaches once to me. Smiles such, speaks: “And you know, what softest part of a body at our Kostya?”

I with astonishment so an eyebrow hoisted, type to what it, and it and speaks to me:
– And I kissed the kid on buttocks, and it such gentle, there was a wish what already to bite! :)

The truth I told! The V-general, I to that if you yet didn’t wash to the kid buttocks, don’t hesitate! Sooner or later all the same it is necessary so it is better to be ready to everything.

As, for example, to pampers clothing. You think, it is so easy? And if the kid turns and in every possible way strives to avoid this fate? That!

It is very important to learn to prepare correctly a mixture for the kid! Now, being already more or less prepared, I not bad consult, and was first unsweetened. Well present! Night, the kid shouts, the wife unsuccessfully tries to calm him and asks to prepare sixty grams of a mixture quickly. And you wake up in the middle of the night, understanding nothing, and you go on kitchen, vaguely imagining that from you want. It is necessary to heat water, to cool it up to the necessary temperature, to add waters and mixtures in a small bottle, to stir and again to cool up to the use temperature. And it everything – quickly!

Walks with the kid in the open air – still the moment to which fathers treat with neglect. Here in vain! Personally for me these two-three hours in day – as a breath of fresh air (why – as? ) . Nobody disturbs, isn’t necessary over soul, do that you want, go where will take in head, for health it is useful. The small lack of existence of a carriage ceases to be a burden already later few months. And if you have an apple, while the kid sleeps, it is possible to watch the last films of 2014 with a clear conscience.

Important factor for the correct education of children – corporal feelings. The kid learns the world by means of sense organs, everything pulls in a mouth, strives to reach and touch everything. Therefore all also we don’t hesitate to touch, be tickled, kiss, to massage, etc. However in parallel we watch everything that the child can get, break, break, cut. We establish a framework – that is possible, and that it is impossible. Most likely, it is necessary to punish few times the child, and it is exact – to endure a hysterics about it! Choose the right time when you are ready to bear this hell up to the end, and neither down to you nor a feather!

Talk to the kid. Only not as with the kid, and as with the equal! Kids absorb, as a sponge and extremely clever! Besides, further will learn to speak much easier.

Pot. Oh, this eternal problem of food processors! No, probably, such child who with pleasure would sit on a pot. It is important to seat him, the kid, on a pot while he is ready to make the needs. How to seize this opportunity is, probably, the whole science. The separate history – to force the kid to remain sitting on this pot. The clown lives in each of us, I know it!

Once to the kid will bother that you spoon-feed him! It will be notable days! In – the first, it becomes resolutely difficult simple to feed him, in – the second, we will be very much dirty! We – the kitchen means even! One it calms only is ridiculous!

Here I read now everything that wrote and I thought: “And to us, fathers, too it is possible to put a monument – so much all we do! ” And after all it still not all! But about it, as they say, another time. For now – it is time to sleep!

To be continued…

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