Fathers and children. Beginning.

Now at me two boys – six years and eleven months grow already. And once I with impatience and even some fright waited for birth of the first-born. Whether “I will fall in love with it? “, “And what with it to do? ” – I asked questions.

– Well, how it? – I asked already skilled parents.
– Everything, – I answered me daddy. – Your free life ended. Now all for them and minutes of free time!

When the wife in maternity hospital showed me the son, I to admit, was a little disappointed. Any red disproportionate shouting being is my son?

However not without reason say that the nature provided everything. Week in maternity hospital, and everything changes! I already quite to myself take away from maternity hospital the person!

Before taking away the son home, it is necessary to be prepared thoroughly! ! ! Bed, carriage, diapers, caps, baby’s undershirts and other, other, other, depending on degree of desires of the wife, the mother-in-law, the mother-in-law, the grandmother or taken all together!

Personally I simply was ready to drop the first week from fatigue. Diapers needed to be washed hands and to iron from two parties! And the kid struck a heat – twenty diapers per day – easily! “Yes I will die earlier, than it will go! ” – the crazy thought turned in the head! I don’t know whom to tell “Thanks! “, but as a result we started washing diapers in the washing machine and to iron on the one hand …
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It is very important to distribute competently forces on a distance! Too dense guardianship will affect first of all you! The sleep debt together with constant prosypaniye is at night to you not in “Facebook” to sit!

The kid won’t allow to relax to you! We had to call the mother-in-law on help in the first evening when the kid suited a hysterics! It seemed to me that he VERY MUCH WANTED to LIVE!

Be not frightened a baby’s cry or crying! Especially right after the birth! Children thus try to inform something to us! He will cry because of any whims later for now – look for the reason!

Don’t hesitate – call, ask, even demand the help! But to do of the dwelling a double-exit courtyard – by no means! And any kitties with doggies!

To you the nurse and the local pediatrician will surely come. If carries, and they will appear nice fellows – you will avoid many problems! After all once a month you should descend in policlinic! And if the kid also falls ill? Personally at me the apartment turned into a drugstore at home! After all when boys are hurt by a tummy – write was gone! Grandmother’s fennel can go to a course anything, even!

Cogs in general separate conversation! One cog can easily climb even month, and all this time it is necessary to be on the alert – with a temperature at kids of a joke are bad!

Ah and! The kid needs to be bathed every other day at least! Believe, not a field to pass it! In this question, however, as well as in many others, you – conducted! Kids like to bathe, but in it the problem is covered also – children extremely nimble, easily can escape from hands and have suffered much waters. And it means that from now on bathing can become a huge problem!

Remember – the newborn kid can’t hold the head! The head needs to be supported! Also try to carry less it on hands! Yes! You won’t believe as quickly children get used to it! Won’t pass also half a year, and the little son or the daughter will already lower from your neck of a leg!

There is more to come!

Personally I very much was worn out from sweat! The kid generally is in one-two positions! So there are they quickly, and heavy to fight with them!
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Daily routine? The most terrible that can happen is if the kid mixes day and night! All the rest – florets!

Further! Nails. At once safely trust this question to the wife. Believe – you won’t consult! Your task – to distract the child!

Walks. In this question that is called he met his match. Practically all mothers prefer to wrap up the child in hundred clothes while fathers are ready to walk with the kid with light baggage. I quarreled with the wife almost before divorce! It is necessary to find a compromise. And it also will be the correct answer on a question – and what to dress? !

Massage? You try at least in day to remember a time and it while the kid won’t start creeping! Charging? Blood from a nose it is necessary to twist several times a day the bicycle, to part handles, etc. Believe – game is worth the candle! The kid will love you, will sit down earlier, will quicker spread, will get on feet earlier …

And be afraid of nothing! The pleasure of communication with the kid eclipses any problems arising during process! ! !

Good luck!

To be continued…

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