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False ceilings: beauty and advantage

Our old ceilings usually after performance of capital interior repair don’t take ideal original form. But always there is an opportunity to put a false ceiling. It is possible to clean any defects after it easily. False ceilings perfectly hide various cords, tubes, cables, wires.

Except the esthetics, suspended models of ceilings differ a number of practical features. Gypsum cardboard and mineral-cotton plates can be used for high-quality warming of walls. At the same time they can carry out a similar role and on a ceiling. The plates made of qualitative mineral fiber are capable to suppress perfectly excess noise level in housing. Contrast to silence – the designed acoustic effects.

High universality and practicality of plates of gypsum cardboard provokes imagination of the designer to search of any non-standard ideas of interior style. Probably, it will be special saturated game of color – for example, sharp contrast or a monochromaticism. There can be a difficult multilevel or flat refinement. The main structure of ceilings of suspended type is various – it can meet from simple completely smooth a brilliant reflection, to created by a florid difficult ornament.

The ceiling is carried out from an integral leaf of gypsum cardboard. He can remarkably fit into labor-consuming designs and he completely seamless. It is very convenient in difficult multilevel structures where establish the curvilinear planes. In such multilevel ceilings special apertures which use for fast access to system of communications it wasn’t necessary to sort the general monolithic surface can be established.

It is difficult to underestimate decorative effect of a glass false ceiling. Usually, such ceiling consists of the different glass plates fixed in the stylish metal case. Combining the illuminated plates from compound glasses of different flowers very easily fine pictures on a ceiling surface can be created. Design painting by bright paints on a glass cloth turns a ceiling into a masterpiece.

One of office options – tiled, section ceilings. These ceilings are a little similar to honeycombs of bee nest. It is simple to replace each component of this ceiling. It is possible simply and to reach old electricity cables or the deteriorated tube quickly. Suspended options of ceilings can fasten to a surface on an easy framework or individual subscales. Certainly, it can lead to some reduction of height of space of the room. However, as we know, the beauty can demand some victims. Much such inconvenience opportunity to execute assembling of modern dot lamps pays off. The play of light will be able to make an interior uncommon.

Ceilings of suspended type give huge freedom of design thought. It is possible to create unusual compositions, playing the shades, different invoices, lighting. Thus these ceiling systems are undemanding in leaving and have long life cycle.

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