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Facing of the old furnace by a ceramic tile

Always coming to the village to parents, I sit near the furnace, I am heated in a cold season or simply I look as fire cheerfully dances in the depth of this construction. Everything is healthy, but very poor look at this furnace. Solved with the brother somehow it to improve. It appeared that parents too wanted long ago it and even were interested in the cost of these works. Taking into account curvature and other nuances of our furnace the cost of works made order of four hundred American dollars. Cost not the smallest. And it without material cost. Here still dollars on two hundred fifty the tile, tiled glue etc. will pull.

It would be possible to find Vasily which for two bottles of wine in day and to eat, will undertake this work. But this process will be dragged out not less than for a month as Vasily will begin work with that it should cheer up before process, and then to smoke. Closer by a dinner the second bottle of invigorating drink will open. After it will become clear that hands already were tired also the head “for some reason doesn’t think” as it is correct to solve the arisen unsoluble problem with this furnace. And it is good if it simply goes home that tomorrow with renewed strength and lucid mind to win against it. Can happen so that it is necessary to listen to its vital problems and stories which it always left the good fellow. And on quality, it is sure, there will be many questions. Therefore decided to allocate some days and by own efforts to consult.

All problem that neither I, nor the brother of concept had no as as to what in this question. Mudflows, read the necessary literature, and full of determination jerked to this brick old woman.

For a start decided to walk on it level and to estimate all scale of the tragedy. Not that us I upset – it us simply shocked a peephole of this most exact construction tool. Any equal wall, any equal corner. Began to scratch napes as it still costs moreover and functions (by the way, the most excellent vegetable soup turns out in it). The quite good equipment in a makeweight to a lodge in the village was bought by our parents! Having estimated flatness of this exhibit, we reflected again about “Vasya”. Having remembered about cheerful stories of the drunk master, we is firm, finally and irrevocably made the decision – we will make. Eyes are afraid, hands do. Especially hands at us grow from the correct place, we were convinced of it, having attentively examined each other. So, we will begin.

We armed with a metal brush and completely cleaned the furnace from different external pollution. Seams embroidered up to the depth approximately in one see. I will tell at once, work dusty, especially when to work with the puncher therefore the gas mask is necessary. Having coped with preparation with a bang, we well covered it with Сondor soil and with quiet soul went to smoke as soil needs time for this purpose to dry.

After we cut the metal gauze, with cells of 15*15 mm in the size necessary to us and having well pulled fixed it on furnace walls bolts. Then started plastering of walls of the furnace by cement and sand solution 1:3, having added in solution salt (for moisture deduction). Here the brother remembered that he is the plasterer of the fourth category by training. Well to it and the pallet in hands. During plastering leveled walls and corners, what then the tile was easier to be put. Having finished this procedure, we left our furnace alone in order that plaster dried.

Next day undertook tile laying. This situation too the amusing. Upon house purchase, from old owners there was a tile, boxes ten. Since the time of Brezhnev. Boxes wooden and tiles of pieces in them on fifty in everyone. So, study I don’t want. The truth a trouble, was that the color scale is too lonely and not all it is identical in a size. But also it didn’t extinguish our heat. When laying used Tserezit glue for facing of fireplaces and furnaces. That bore a sovdepiya less, a tile glued in shape “bricklaying”. Began from below, having passed the first row. As floor level the same was at all the fountain. That the first stacked row didn’t “float” down, attached the metal profile exposed in level. When resolved an issue with laying of a tile there was a question what color to cover seams.

As a tile of blue color, for brightness of the picture decided to use the fugue of lemon color. Having gone round some construction shops, understood that probably in the nature of the fugue of such color doesn’t exist. I even was upset, but the brother suggested to buy white filling and to tint it in the necessary color. At this moment already I remembered that it is the plasterer of the fourth category. Also I understood that one head well, and with brains is better. So we also arrived.

On all of us spent three days of time and about hundred dollars. Didn’t complete top (time didn’t allow) a little, but in our following arrival we will surely improve.

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