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Excellent rest in Russia is a real opportunity

Your holiday approached – and you stay in thoughts where to carry out it. Certainly, correctly chosen vacation spot is a half of business. Where to turn the look if abroad simply there is a lot of money for expensive rounds. And there is a wish to have a rest with advantage and pleasure. In this case, you can quite have a rest in Russia. Especially as here a set of places where it is possible to go and have a rest. Read in this article as it is possible to have a rest in the summer in Vladikavkaz.

Rest in VladikavkazVladikavkaz is the capital of Northern Ossetia-Alania. It is the oldest cultural center, with the rich tourist past. Vladikavkaz – the beautiful, cozy city in which ancient buildings peacefully get on with modern architectural concepts. Through all city the river Terek sung by Pushkin weeps. Vladikavkaz – the city of museums and historical monuments. It has rich theatrical and musical traditions. If you get to Vladikavkaz, surely visit the Central park. It is in the downtown. It is the oldest park in the North Caucasus. It know far outside Ossetia. Deep ponds on which there live swans and other wild birds, paths strewed with yellow sand, fantastic architecture and mysterious grottoes. And all this among exotic plants. Many will ask a question: and whether it is worth having a rest in the summer in Russia?

People of Ossetia very hospitable and hospitable. In any house you will meet as if you the most dear visitor of hosts. The Ossetian kitchen is famous for the pies. The Ossetian pies – undoubtedly a masterpiece of local cookery. They are not simply tasty baking for local population. This dish is ritual. Over it prayers and praise Supreme are said. Cut pies only after permission of the Senior.

Mountains of OssetiaIf to you has the luck to get for a holiday in Ossetia – you receive the mass of inexpressible impressions. Ossetians very much like to dance. During the holiday besides that you take pleasure in simply amazing kitchen, you look at dances of all people of the Caucasus – from the incendiary Lezgian, to Shalakho loved by all. Feet simply go to a dance when you see so incendiary dances.

Separate subject – mountains in Ossetia. It is difficult to find something more beautifully than the nature of North Ossetia. Having driven off from Vladikavkaz all any 15 – 20 kilometers, you get to the mountain kingdom, bewitching the beauty. Visited here for the first time, simply lose a speech power. It is impossible to describe the seen beauty. It is possible to see it the eyes. The purest air and spring water, will add fine rest in mountains.

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