Ukraine – France

After lot of butt matches of the European national teams for an exit to the World Cup to Brazil it became a pity Ukrainians. Really such nice team again will appear outside final tournaments? After all the previous four attempts to leave in a final stage of the World Cup or Europe came to an end with a failure. And here somebody got not, and French with magnificent Riberi at the head. Frankly speaking, chances aspired to zero.
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However, as showed a match, this French devil isn’t so terrible! It was noticeable that Ukrainians were ready to die in the field – they didn’t give to French seconds of time for reflections, neither space meter for maneuver, nor an oxygen throat for breath, covered French with high pressure right after ball loss, were quicker in single combats and … simply played the rival. No, French aren’t so weak as could seem, however the national team of Ukraine for certain played almost the best match in career. Very long ago it wasn’t necessary to see team, so greedy to a victory in a separate match.

You paid attention how the first goal of the yellow-blue was scored? As a result of fight for a ball at dense contact guardianship the four of football players of the national team of Ukraine played a brilliant combination, having literally jostled a ball in a grid of gate!

If it is honest after that I asked god only about one – that any crazy ball didn’t fly in gate of our southern neighbors. At French at such game of Ukrainians of chances wasn’t.
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For certain the special role in such coordination and devotion of winners is played by the trainer of Ukrainians Nikolay Fomenko. Anything, at first sight, from himself not representing terener as if inhaled life in the football players.

Well, before reciprocal game the score 2:0 is very good account! However it isn’t necessary to be the prophet to guess that French will rethink happened and so simply the permit on the World Cup won’t give. And therefore Ukrainians blood from a nose need to be adjusted on a reciprocal duel also well, as well as on a meeting in Kiev. And nobody cancelled a judicial factor!

So we will cross fingers and with impatience we will wait for fight continuation.

Equipment for the rest organization: tents

To all people, without an exception, rest, a discharge is necessary. Someone chooses for itself as the vacation spot the own favourite house, and someone strives for a variety. When on the street warmly, especially, if hot, hardly visitors will want to remain even in the coziest room. In that case rescue special tents for cafe come. In the summer they – as “lifesaver”.
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First, at the expense of them the cafe considerably expands the area, and, therefore, the number of the clients visiting this institution increases also. For example, if the cafe is ordered for a certain date of a wedding, the banquet or birthday, and is a lot of guests that everything inside they won’t be located, it is possible to place them in a tent. Secondly, installation of such tent occupies a minimum of time and forces. This ability is shown in the following nuances:

It is easy and convenient in transportation as completely understands on a detail.
Usually frameworks for such constructions produce from metal, but there are the tents made of plastic or from a tree.
The framework of such design is covered with a special awning material which possesses high degree of strength and, in turn, protects from adverse weather conditions.
In certain cases “an iron skeleton” tent paint protective paint which will provide not only an esthetic type of an interior of this room, but also its safety from various corrosive processes.
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Nobody likes to wait, and especially when you do important acquisition. All wants to receive and at once. There is a set of standard models of summer tents which can be received literally right after payment but if there is a wish for something special, it is necessary and to suffer. Tents are to order much more expensive usual, but they that stand. The client as a result receives not simply summer tent for the cafe, and a quality unique handiwork.

Fathers and children. We grow.

The kid already turns over on a tummy? Creeps? Sits? Tries to stand? Well, a little we it seems already accustomed. But don’t hurry to rejoice!

The wife approaches once to me. Smiles such, speaks: “And you know, what softest part of a body at our Kostya?”

I with astonishment so an eyebrow hoisted, type to what it, and it and speaks to me:
– And I kissed the kid on buttocks, and it such gentle, there was a wish what already to bite! 🙂
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The truth I told! The V-general, I to that if you yet didn’t wash to the kid buttocks, don’t hesitate! Sooner or later all the same it is necessary so it is better to be ready to everything.

As, for example, to pampers clothing. You think, it is so easy? And if the kid turns and in every possible way strives to avoid this fate? That!

It is very important to learn to prepare correctly a mixture for the kid! Now, being already more or less prepared, I not bad consult, and was first unsweetened. Well present! Night, the kid shouts, the wife unsuccessfully tries to calm him and asks to prepare sixty grams of a mixture quickly. And you wake up in the middle of the night, understanding nothing, and you go on kitchen, vaguely imagining that from you want. It is necessary to heat water, to cool it up to the necessary temperature, to add waters and mixtures in a small bottle, to stir and again to cool up to the use temperature. And it everything – quickly!

Walks with the kid in the open air – still the moment to which fathers treat with neglect. Here in vain! Personally for me these two-three hours in day – as a breath of fresh air (why – as? ) . Nobody disturbs, isn’t necessary over soul, do that you want, go where will take in head, for health it is useful. The small lack of existence of a carriage ceases to be a burden already later few months. And if you have an apple, while the kid sleeps, it is possible to watch the last films of 2014 with a clear conscience.
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Important factor for the correct education of children – corporal feelings. The kid learns the world by means of sense organs, everything pulls in a mouth, strives to reach and touch everything. Therefore all also we don’t hesitate to touch, be tickled, kiss, to massage, etc. However in parallel we watch everything that the child can get, break, break, cut. We establish a framework – that is possible, and that it is impossible. Most likely, it is necessary to punish few times the child, and it is exact – to endure a hysterics about it! Choose the right time when you are ready to bear this hell up to the end, and neither down to you nor a feather!

Talk to the kid. Only not as with the kid, and as with the equal! Kids absorb, as a sponge and extremely clever! Besides, further will learn to speak much easier.

Pot. Oh, this eternal problem of food processors! No, probably, such child who with pleasure would sit on a pot. It is important to seat him, the kid, on a pot while he is ready to make the needs. How to seize this opportunity is, probably, the whole science. The separate history – to force the kid to remain sitting on this pot. The clown lives in each of us, I know it!

Once to the kid will bother that you spoon-feed him! It will be notable days! In – the first, it becomes resolutely difficult simple to feed him, in – the second, we will be very much dirty! We – the kitchen means even! One it calms only is ridiculous!

Here I read now everything that wrote and I thought: “And to us, fathers, too it is possible to put a monument – so much all we do! ” And after all it still not all! But about it, as they say, another time. For now – it is time to sleep!

To be continued…

Touch screens

Very few people can be surprised with the touch display and if to be exact, the screen of introduction of information by means of a contact. The most part of modern smartphones, mobile, have this device.

Semuel Hurst the teacher of the American university of the State of Kentucky was the founder of the first touch device. In 1970 the teacher came across a problem of reading of information from a large number of tapes at recorders. Idea of reduction in an automatic condition of this process was an incitement to creation of the Elotouch company first-ever, making touch screens. The first development (1971) used a resistive method of determination of coordinates of points of a contact, this work carried the name Elograph.
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In 1974 the educated company Elographics exhausts the touch panel, transparent, approximately in three years, it is 1977, the same manufacturing company developed the resistive five-wire panel. On the expiration of several years the company on production of touch screens unites with global manufacturer of electronics, the Siemens company and in 1982 they together exhaust the first TV equipped with the touch screen.

The first mobile device with the device of touch input of information was the Alcatel One Touch model presented in 1998. This model became a basis for the subsequent smartphones though the model, on today’s parameters, possessed very modest opportunities is a small display, and monochrome. One more chance of an embodiment of the smartphone with the touch display became mobile Ericsson R380, but also had the monochrome display and was very and is very limited in opportunities.
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The touch screen such as we represent it now, appeared in 2002 in the Qtek XDA mobile phone, developed by the HTC company. It already was the multi-color display with quite good permission. It is capable to maintenance about 4096 flowers. The device worked at resistive technology of determination of coordinates of your contact. But to new level touch screens were transferred by the Apple company. Namely IPhone, devices with touch displays, received stunning popularity, and their development of Multitouch (possibility of a contact two, sometimes and more fingers) repeatedly simplified information input.

As all know touch screens are used everywhere: in payment terminals, pocket computers, mobile phones, game figurative extension housings, operator installations in the industry. Sometimes touch screens equipped models of TVs on freemarket. Without them it is impossible to present the present world, such what it is now.

The first birthday – one and for the rest of life!

You shouldn’t invite to a holiday of people unfamiliar to the child, let it will be better than guests a little, than a heap to the people which will frighten only the kid.

It will be also quite good to prepare the invitation for each guest. On birthday of the daughter I made invitations: on the computer I developed design and I unpacked on a photoprinter. You can order invitations, there are many handymen who will help you in this case, simply find them in the Internet. It is possible invitations to make and with the child, let it will put a print of the handle for example, and you will write beautifully the text. Actually options the great variety, here the main thing would be desire. Invitations should be handed over to guests in a week – two till a holiday that at anybody the plans didn’t change at the last minute. Also don’t forget to specify in the invitation a place and time of carrying out a holiday.
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Fix time celebrations according to a daily routine of your child that the kid was had a rest and slept, it is best of all after a dinner. If you invite guests with small children, try to consider and their time of a dream. It isn’t so obligatory to tighten a holiday at many o’clock, differently to the kid it will be already uninteresting and it is boring.

Decoration of the house, game and entertainment. Now it is possible to find everything in children’s shops that is necessary for a holiday: both garlands, and balloons, both crackers, and a candle and there is a lot of only. Children’s goods are on sale everywhere. Certainly all this is very interesting to the child, but don’t forget about its safety. As I have the printer, I didn’t buy a garland, and made it, simply found through a search engine in the Internet beautiful letters, unpacked and cut out. We decorated a hall with multi-colored balls and sparks. All guests on an entrance were given out a beautiful bright cap on the head and a pipe which we bought in children’s shop. For a festive table too there is different jewelry: beautiful sets of disposable tableware, bright swords for a canape, tubules for drinks of different forms.

That guests didn’t start missing, I prepared some competitions with small gifts. “Guess that I ate”: I bought some different jars with baby food, I wrapped up them a foil and I numbered. Guests had to guess on taste that is a part of some mashed potatoes, the more components, the more interestingly. At the end who guessed wins the main prize, for example a calendar card or a magnet on the refrigerator more, the rests can distribute incentive prizes, let it there will be for example Chupa Chups. “To whom I am similar”: on a Whatman paper I pasted from both parties the photo and a photo of the father at the age of one year, and in the center of a photo of the daughter and I wrote criteria by which guests have to estimate on whom the baby probably more: Nose, Forehead, Lips, Chin, etc. Also in a year at all parents will surely prepare many photos of the child, my council: you don’t store them in the computer, be not too lazy better and unpack, buy a beautiful album and you store them there. This album can be shown to guests, it will be interesting to everything to look as the child grows.

Still recently heavenly small lamps became very popular, we bought a little and then all together started them in the sky, it was very beautiful and the daughter was delighted, the main thing observe security measures.
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The first birthday. Festive menu. Don’t forget to consider and preferences of children, prepare on a table a cheese plate, a little simple salads, we for example in a family very much love Caesar and Greek salad, a meat plate with a sausage and tasty myasky, small canapes on swords, here my favourite are very actual: cheese, lemon and the fruit jelly, unusual taste and to children will be pleasant. Also we prepared meat roll and the baked chicken. Cut fruit and vegetables on plates. Prepare for children a cracker for example or favourite cookies. We didn’t buy juice in shop, and cooked tasty compote which approaches not only to adults, but also children. In general all have different preferences in food, but don’t recommend to prepare for a festive table those dishes which we eat every day, for example cutlets, potato or a stuffed cabbage, prepare more interesting salads better. And the most important hero of the occasion – a pie. Here such it turned out at us by trial and error, about three hours left on its preparation. Or order, the main thing let it will be bright and tasty. The first birthday

Gifts. Present to the child a beautiful interesting toy, it isn’t necessary to buy gifts “for growth”, as well as things and all the rest. If the child has many toys, both clothes and a new set of children’s ware won’t be superfluous.

Don’t forget about photos and video, ask somebody or employ the photographer to imprint this moment of life of your baby.

All the rest depends on your desire and the imagination, dare and everything at you will turn out! Also remember the most important rule: The childhood doesn’t repeat!