Distribution of duties in a family

I think, this subject was, is and will be actual at all times. This problem in the Muslim world is very fine solved. Everything is accurately placed, nobody is indignant and probably even all are happy. And if the female part also has any indignations, they are ripped in the bud. No, don’t think wrongly, I any misogynist. Simply, in my opinion, in family affairs, as well as at work, there have to be any rules which as far as possible should be observed, of course, without striking at constitutional laws of both parties. I don’t insist to return the law once adopted in Germany and Poland, on three “K” (kitchen, the kinder and church). But after all, everyone has to be engaged in the business.

Since ancient times the woman is the keeper of the family center, and the man respectively – the getter. “The keeper of the family center” is not an image of the housewife cooking Russian cabbage soup, washing the floors and washing clothes. And the woman who supports the cozy atmosphere in the house.

But life after all dictates the rules. For example, the person has to eat (so the organism is arranged) and so on. For this purpose it is necessary to get food. Here IT, the male getter, also has to cope with this task. Why to the woman not to cook this food? Here and division of duties went. In a modern life “female work” is so facilitated by progress in production of various equipment that is minimized. I at anybody didn’t see old (in the form of a wavy metal board) the washing Bosch machine – you soap and you rub.

And answer to a question: – Darling than you was engaged all day? – I erased! – me simply shocks. I tried to measure a period which was necessary on one washing: two minutes on linen loading to fill up powder and to press the button; seven minutes on unloading of linen and hanging out on the dryer; minute on admiring it. Result: ten minutes.

Once I decided to get into a skin of the wife and to spend day in cares on the house. About what in the evening to her also I reported.

In seven ten I woke sons, I fed them (thanks to the wife – I cooked porridge since morning, itself dashed away for work). I dressed younger and I brought it to a garden. Having returned to eight ten I tracked as the senior I went to the pool. I make it nearly an every morning, when not from a night shift. I laid down to doze from o’clock. The son came from the pool – repeated German. After it I began to watch the film, and I turned on the TV and lay on a sofa with the panel in a hand. In household cares time flies quickly and we didn’t miss nearly with an exit of the son in school. At o’clock in the afternoon the senior safely moved forward to grind away at the studies, and I decided to lie slightly still. Well and certainly I dozed off. Woke up at 16:10. I got meat from the refrigerator and I left it to be defrozen. I polished potatoes. I washed ware which didn’t wash since yesterday evening (it that to me the house slave labor honey didn’t seem).

I peeled onions and carrots, I cut meat with pieces and I put on gas to prepare and potato I put too. I strewed with seasonings and undertook cleaning in the apartment. I collected the scattered toys, things I put on regiments. And I put, having not simply jostled them almost a foot, and beautifully I spread out everyone to the place. I wiped a mop a floor. I watered flowers in the presence of the wife as she by this time came back home at 17:30. In the apartment purity and beauty. It is possible also younger of a garden to take away. On everything at me left one and a half-two hour of time.

But only having passed all these hardest tests, I understood from where the wife knows about what these series and all these various shows, the “Psychic Challenge” type and still something. On my request to take the puncher and to punch couple of holes in a wall to hang up any nonsense, she answered that for this purpose there is a man in the house. Left somehow here so.

Also you remember, lovely ladies, we love you, and at all only for your house efforts with which you cope with a bang, but also for your resourcefulness and determination in this difficult world. Without you it would be simply boring. Let’s store our family center together.

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