Critical parameters of polymeric building materials

Many know that such polymer, it excessively to describe. But it isn’t enough who represents, what properties owes or possesses this or that polymeric material. In this article we will try to give summary of critical parameters of materials which belong to polymeric group. For a start it should be noted that polymeric materials have some tens parameters. But in this article only a few critical parameters will be considered. Namely: property of a workability, chemical firmness and activity, composition of polymer and its basis. Let’s begin one after another.

The workability of polymer is based on its ability to processing (molding or pressing). From easily processed polymers it is possible to receive products, various on the geometrical parameters. In recent years the percent of application of polymeric materials increased in construction on one ten. Their stringless processing allows to automate completely processing and production process, to reduce prime cost of a product. It is possible to refer ease of machine processing to this parameter. That is small resilience to drilling, pileniye, milling or turning. As use of polymeric shaving and processing waste for secondary processing though this type of processing (machine processing) is considered not so economic and expedient here carry opportunity.
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Polymeric materials which possess this parameter, can stick together, cook among themselves or with other material. As the example, it can be a tree or metal. Among parameters of polymers it should be noted chemical firmness, a chemical neutrality and ability to coloring, as transparency of organic glass, easy hermetic encapsulation of places of interfaces and joints, limitlessness and availability of raw materials to production of this material. These properties conditionally unite in uniform group “chemical and physical parameters”. As there is a classification of polymers by a basis of which they consist.

So, it is the important parameter for construction, the relation to heating. Polymers can be thermoplastic and thermoreactive. If to take as a basis a chemical composition – that polymeric construction materials can be carbon-chain, heterochain, elemento-organic. All above-mentioned parameters of polymeric materials which use in construction, significantly influence properties of these materials. As finally define a choice of this or that material for specific conditions of conducting construction works.

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