Coffee machine guns as type of small business

Machine guns with coffee are the good beginning for expansion of the business as this kind of activity can be begun without a separation from the main work, and their service won’t take away a lot of time and forces. Initial investments too are required small as it is possible to use rent or leasing of devices.

The principle of operation of devices with coffee is rather simple – in the machine gun the reservoirs filled with ingredients settle down: coffee, cocoa, cream, chocolate, milk, sugar also we designate. Smells of ingredients don’t mix up, as each reservoir complete and tight.

Each device knows how to cook some different types of coffee. When the device start, he establishes proportions of ingredients, quality of drink and its cost. The buyer can change itself amount of some ingredients, for example completely exclude sugar or add more cream. The device will mix everything in uniform weight and will pour in a glass.

In view of the fact that through one tubule in a glass different types of drinks move (tea, coffee, cocoa) the system of cleaning of the device plays large role. Now devices with coffee use automatic cleaning. Dirty water is stored in the special reservoir which is cleared later by the operator. So the ordered coffee won’t have smack of the previous.
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Except rather inexpensive devices with instant coffee there are also other, doing coffee from grains. Before giving grain coffee is milled, later the processed coffee is scalded by boiled water in the special reservoir and moves via the filter.

Each device is equipped with a set of payment systems, as a rule it is a coin acceptor accepting payment and giving delivery by a trifle, and a bill acceptor working with banknotes. More modern devices have also the receiver for credit cards.

On volume devices happen to coffee floor and desktop. In the desktop there are reservoirs of the smaller sizes so it is better to put them in places where not so big activity of clients is planned. Most often on them there are no payment systems and have them in hotels, restaurants or cafe.

Floor coffee machine guns will enjoy bigger popularity if the device with snacks as according to practical supervision when to clients offer a complex choice, orders will be more than if to offer only one type of production is a row. The main thing to watch closely quality of this production. By the way, now it is possible to buy the device which except coffee sells cold drinks, chocolate, cookies and other goods which you lay out on a special show-window.

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