Classification of sexual signs. Women

Классификация полов. Женщины.

Last time we spoke about men. Now about women.

The first group is women with shortage of female chromosomes – the defective woman.

The first option – with shortage also man’s sexual hormones – the defective woman – the defective man. As, and in a case with men, the most irreversible case – an assemblage of various problems and shortcomings. And words it is more …

The second option – shortage of female hormones and norm man’s – the defective woman – simply man. Likes to stick a nose in man’s affairs, it is vigorous and persuasive, often chooses man’s work, however as a whole it isn’t hopeless.

The defective woman – too the man – obvious search of man’s hormones at deficiency female. These subspecies not simply stick a nose in man’s affairs, but even often it appears on senior positions. Distinctive feature of this look – smart moustaches!

The second group – women, at which everything is all right with female chromosomes. Simply woman.

As well as in other described cases, simply women happen three types – simply woman – the defective man, simply woman – simply man and simply woman – too the man.

Let’s consider the first option – simply woman – the defective man. Silent, quiet, even the clever. It would seem, the ideal woman, but … Owing to shortage of a machismo it in everything an individual concordant with the man, capable as much as necessary long time to transfer humiliations and a beating. Women of this look are usually deeply religious and very unhappy. Amen!

Simply woman – simply man? ! Simply real woman. Dream of any man. It is more than the such!

Simply woman – too the man – the third option. Norm of a feminine and supernorm – man’s. Interesting case! First of all it is the beautiful woman … However with a raid something slightly horse. Well just as Renata Litvinova. Almost without moustaches.

The third group of women – the woman with the overestimated level of female sexual hormones – too women!

The first option – too the woman – the defective man. Stinker that still! It compensates a lack of man’s chromosomes excessive aggression in relation to a male. More shortly, the feminist, the amazon also hates men. As it is regrettable, but the brightest representative of these subspecies is Angelina Jolie though here it is possible to carry and Demi Moore, and … And there is a lot of still whom for whom the Indian cosmetics is higher than human feelings …

The second option – search of female hormones and enough man’s. Too the woman – simply man. Strangely enough, these subspecies the closest to the real woman. To them once again in a year to get out in the wood to hiss as a snake – the price it wouldn’t be!

And, at last, the last subspecies – too the woman – too the man. The raised contents both female, and man’s chromosomes. It isn’t enough that the moustached silly woman with ambitions, so also huge too. About the such you won’t fool around! In general, as they say – God forbid!

Here such here classification!

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