Classification of sexual signs. Men.

Классификация полов. Мужчины.

According to scientists, in each of us, people, are present certain – both man’s, and female, chromosomes. In a normal state men have more, respectively, man’s, at women – female. It also does us by those who we are is – men and women.

But what will be if on what – that to the reasons sexual hormones, so to speak, play, and their (hormones) of a proportion will start changing in the person, both in one, and in other party?

Let’s consider all possible options of similar natural “Misunderstanding”.

Let’s begin, perhaps, with the stronger sex.

The first subgroup – the man with shortage of man’s sexual hormones. Let’s call them – defective men.

The first case – quantity of man’s and female sexual hormones is lower than normal level. The owner of such proportions – the such defective man – the defective woman. Hard case. The man who, even having replaced a floor, doesn’t become the normal woman.

The second option – the defective man – simply woman. Lack of man’s sexual chromosomes and norm – female. Already better! To men of this category as anybody, perhaps, should do operation on floor change. You look, it is possible to win not only “Ms. Canada”, but also “Miss World”!

Well, and the last option of the defective man – the defective man – over the woman. Norms, but female – search are lower than man’s hormones! I can’t precisely claim, but it is represented to me that overwhelming part of such men – people of nonconventional orientation. The bright representative of this category is Elton John.

The second subgroup of the man – Simply man. Group of men with a normal proportion of man’s sexual chromosomes.

The first option – Simply man – the defective woman. As you already understand, shortage of female sexual cages here is available. The brightest representative of this category – the nyunya-muscleman. Difficult even to present to itself, isn’t it?

The second option – quantity both man’s, and female hormones in norm. Simply man – Simply woman. Real man and point! Rare type, agree.

The third version of this subgroup – Simply man – too the woman. Clearly – man’s cages in norm, female – search! In my opinion, quite representative category. Men of this kind have to be very active members of society … Ooh, to me it is already terrible.

And, at last, the third subgroup of men – too the man. It when the quantity of man’s chromosomes reads off scale.

The first option – man’s chromosomes is a lot of, female – doesn’t suffice. Too the man – the defective woman. Probably, it has to be the ardent misogynist with soft-boiled brains! Street mugger, whether that?

The second option – too the man – Simply woman. – norms, with the female – an order are higher than man’s cages! The most responsible, after the real man, option of the man. Horse at full tilt will stop!

Well and, at last, the last representative of a subgroup – too the man – too the woman. Here both man’s, and female hormones – though take away! Terrible people! These not only will stop a horse and into a burning log hut will enter! Such and mountains up to a shoulder, and a mental hospital – the house native.

On it about men all. It is further-more – categories of women.

To be continued…

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