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Chinese whispers or history about 200 dollars.

There was it in Moscow. Or rather, when I was in the city of world International. I by the guest worker then earned 500 dollars and decided them to transfer and the native Gomel the messenger, to preservation by the coming back.

– You will report, – I speak, – to the brother my native to Lena. 200 – wash to it a debt, the others let at it will lie while I won’t arrive.
– Well! – the acquaintance answers.

Whether there is a lot of, not enough time passed, I arrived also to the favourite party. I meet mother, I look, somehow strange she looks at me.

– What is the matter? – I ask.

And it at me the woman clockwork – a finger in a mouth not luggage. It is visible, hardly, but restrains.

– And what it you, (the sister my cousin) give money to Seryoga, Inna, and mother native cent?
didn’t understand! – I answer. – What such money? What for nonsense?
– And me here a little bird told that you money from Moscow gave to Inna 300 dollars. So to Inna means money are necessary, and me – no? – my mother starts being got.

And I only shrug shoulders from all these riddles.

– Yes I to Inna didn’t transfer any money. 300 dollars to Lena transferred that at it lay and all… And what happened?
– What happened, what happened? – mother gradually starts passing to shout. – All the money if only where you put! Everything you will spend, in pants you will remain! Don’t come then to me! See you, 300 dollars! What there at you with Inna, love or what? Tell why gifts such to it you give?

My God, they that here, absolutely went crazy all?

– Hey-hey, let’s understand quietly! What love, what money? Money at Leonid has to lie. It at you that happened?
– Don’t dare to say lies to me! Inna that, from you became pregnant?

Well, it already in any gate! I already choked with rage.

– Yes you that here, absolutely went crazy? What for a crap?
– And why mother-in-law Lyonya says to me, what you money transferred to Inna?

Op! And here it is already absolutely interesting! This from where here was drawn?

– And she from where knows? And, in general, that here at you occurs? My money you can’t divide?
– And you can? – mother became enraged. – And you can? And you only can spend, and all… In a grave me want to tire out!
– So from where she knows?
– So Lena (wife Lyonya) told it! – imitating me, I blurted out mother. – And you thought, we learn nothing?
– My God, and Lena here at what?
– How and? She asked Laziness to whom Sergey gave 300 dollars, he and told. So there at you with Inna for secrets such? – the woman wasn’t appeased.
– And… – I stretched. – Clearly…

Clear was a little, however through any time I got to the truth if it is possible in general so to speak about the occurred marasmus.

When my acquaintance transferred to my native brother of 500 dollars, he forgot to mention that 300 from them have to wait for me simply. Curious wife Lyonya Lena certainly asked purely from interest and what to do with remained three hundred Baku, on what the brother, having shrugged shoulders, expressed a vague guess:

– Perhaps Inna should transfer?

Why to Inna, for me still a riddle. But here women interfered with business. Lena told to the mother, that called mine, my mother couldn’t but ask mother Inna Vera. The belief, certainly, arranged cross-questioning to the daughter after which my cousin took my native brother and asked directly:

– Well, and where my 300 dollars?

Result their short, but very emotional conversation it became clear where who should go. Both Inna, And Lyonya, wishing to receive a solution, addressed, respectively, to the mother Belief and wife Lena…

On what circle of Great Family Scandal to us there arrived the auditor (that is your modest servant), One man’s guess is as good as another’s, but I have heard plenty of such tall tales, what even many years later after this family drama I will sometimes shudder at one only reminiscence about these ill-fated 300 dollars.

Can be now when I honestly told it to you, soul washing it becomes free?

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