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Chebureniks with potato

If suddenly in one fine rainy autumn day you appear at home, and wives won’t be near, and you want it to surprise, the best way it to make that – to prepare something. And something like that, what not in goes to your daily diet. Will be able to cook soup or to fry potato any. But with it you will be able to shock the wife hardly. And here if to approach to process creatively, very unusual dish can turn out, the little strange is possible even…

Here and I decided to surprise today the wife. While it was at work the whole day, I decided to make by it a surprise… and to weld on potato dumplings. As a result cheburenik turned out. Why such strange name? And you read further and everything you will understand.

At first I polished potatoes. Small pan. Small I cut, I filled in with water, I salted and I put on fire. While potato cooked, I started doing dough. But before to do it, it is necessary to be defined with what to begin. What to add in dough the first, water or a flour? Having a little thought, I decided to pour waters at first. Simply I thought that if at first to fill torments, it will stick to a bowl and then it will be difficult to be torn off. And after all after all culinary fights it is necessary to bring for itself an order…

So, I poured waters in a bowl, filled salts, and started adding a flour. Gradually. I stirred a fork. I don’t know why not a mixer, can because his laziness to get from a box, and then to wash, potter… And so. Water, salt, flour, fork – so I stirred dough until it didn’t thicken and didn’t begin without sticking to be stirred almost barehanded. By this time potato already cooked. With dough while all. It is necessary to finish up to the end a stuffing for our cheburenik.

I merged water from a pan. I got a huge bulb, I cut and I roasted. I added in potato then all contents of a pan a special wooden thingummy to pound potato, I turned into mashed potatoes.

Again dough. While pottered with potato – dough again became sticky. It was necessary to add a flour and to knead very much. I did it on a table previously powdered with a flour. In an hour everything was ready.

I don’t know, can in dough add still any ingredients, but at me everything was simple. Natural product.

What to do is farther? The stuffing is, dough is. It was necessary to wrap a stuffing in dough and to weld all this. And I made. I cut off a piece of dough, I rolled with a sausage and I cut small slices. I got from a case a wooden hogwash that to roll dough, I started rolling these slices. But something didn’t go. It appears, it is much more convenient to roll small slices of dough with a usual one-liter jar. Naturally, everything we grease with a flour that stuck nothing.

When before me the rolled slices of dough, such round as pancakes, I started putting in them a teaspoon potato then clamped edges lay in such a way that the real vareniki turned out. But here with a size something went not so. Potato dumplings turned out by the size as chebureks. Such huge burdocks half-plate size everyone. From here and the name – cheburenik. At first treated process very seriously, but then it became more and more ridiculous.

So, when I stuck together everything cheburenik which turned out from this piece of dough, I started them cooking. They cook very quickly – emerged, began to boil – it is possible to get, they after all not frozen. Before withdrawing cheburenik from boiling water, I prepared a big pan where to put them.

I continued in the same spirit further. Yet the stuffing didn’t end. And left so that circles on 2 vareniks are rolled, and stuffings remained only on one. What to do? I took, put a stuffing on one circle, and with the second covered. Then I closed up edges around. The real UFO turned out…

But there was still a huge piece of dough. What with it to do? At first I wanted to cut simply on slices and to weld – potato dumplings but without potato would turn out. But then I decided not to risk, and it is simple to fry this dough. By the way, the excellent flat cake turned out. I also ate it at once that the wife didn’t see.

That’s all. Day of tortures and the whole 9-liter pan of strange food I am ready. I estimated that the wife will return from work in 2 hours, but by this time all my diligence will stick together and will turn into one huge piece of food. Therefore I decided to clean one more piece of onions, to make sauce and to fill in with it pan contents. But how to mix all this? The way out was found – a beret a pan for handles on each side and you throw vareniki in a pan. Several times. And all – won’t stick together any more.

Half an hour more left on covering up tracks.

So, I spent:

1 . Flour – nearly 2 kg.

2 . Water – about 300-400 ml.

3 . Potato – in a crude not peeled look 2 liters.

4 . Onions – 2 big pieces by the size as grapefruit everyone.

5 . Sunflower oil – nearly a half-liter (the wife told that before there was the whole bottle, and there was a half).

6 . Salt – I added in potato when cooked, in dough, in water when cooked cheburenik.

CheburenikiAnd now it is a little about impressions. At first the wife had a strange grin when she saw IT. Then she 10 laughed minutes. No, didn’t laugh – I hooted with laughter. Only this way it is possible to call this laughter. I praised. I asked that during a holiday today though no holiday, it seems, is present. Then she purely intuitively looked in a garbage can – probably estimated, whether everything over what I tried the whole day will be located in it.

It was difficult, but I after all could finish to try it. I will tell honestly, I ate! And all 3 pieces! But here only it seems that I should help now never to it in kitchen. At least until she won’t forget this taste. And actually, taste here at anything – cheburenik turned out quite even edible. The only thing, than they frightened is the huge sizes and terrifying forms.

In general, everything it was cheerful, all were happy. If only it wasn’t necessary to guzzle these cheburenik until they won’t end…

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