Black cat

Черная кошка

At people it is accepted to be afraid of black cats. When the black cat steals a march, time stops, the habitual schedule gets off, we fade and we wait while somebody will cross this trajectory – the line of a way of a black cat.

Reaches before that some start being afraid not only black, but any cats or black dogs. I observed such picture. There was a grandma. And suddenly it was stolen a march by a cat. Not black, ordinary cat. Besporodisty, light-red. The grandma was dumbfounded. In total. Life passed by. Further a way isn’t present. Also there was no limit of her pleasure when it was overtaken by couple of young people at whom the brain isn’t up to the end dissolved yet by prejudices.

What danger is represented by a black cat? Yes any. Simply we since the childhood are inspired by parents, friends, uncles aunts, grandfathers grandmothers that such is good and that such is bad. Here also got accustomed at us in the head that the black cat is a bad sign. And if it also the road to us ran across – that it in general a fuck-up.

I saw how the black cat stole a march on the car. The driver already turned pale the poor. Behind it the line of several cars was built. And that the most interesting, nobody risked to go round a jam and to continue the way. All waited while a trajectory of movement of a cat somebody will cross another.

Actually, terrible in black cats anything isn’t present. Once I picked up on the street of a kitten – black. There was a girl. Now at my place there lives the most real black cat. It steals a march on me thousands times a day. And meanwhile it happened nothing such that I regretted that once, about 3 years ago, I sheltered it.

Besides, this most grateful creation.

A little later at the mother-in-law the cat died. From age. He was 18 years old. And I brought it a black cat. But something didn’t grow together – the cat fell ill and died in a year. And what you think, the mother-in-law remained without a cat? No. It found a black kitten. And now it has a black cat. So I placed the mother-in-law on black cats.

And all the matter is that there is no cat breed better, than black. You don’t trust? And you try, get to itself. If certainly you aren’t afraid…

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