Birthday – a sad holiday.

Strange, there was all in a different way earlier. Is probably in the childhood earlier. In that carefree time which sank at summer irrevocably and to return there in any way. Probably, it is possible to visit the childhood in old age, but probably, it any more that. And usually in old age “into the childhood fall”. But a subject not about it. For certain all remember how the whole year waited when IT will come – the most important holiday – Birthday. This day it is possible to call friends, all will be obligatory a sweet table, a pie with candles, gifts and attention to you. So was in the bare-bellied childhood. And where it got to everything now? And main thing why?

The answer to this question was given by psychologists, having carried out opinion poll. Three reasons which entirely influence the festive atmosphere were called and turn this day for many people into a sad holiday.

The first, and probably the main reason is an age. Every lived year you become more adult and it seems more wisely. We start seeing things with other point of view and philosophically to treat many things. And here birthday. Such intermediate reference point (to a regret irretrievable). This day you start bringing any results, you estimate already left year of your life. And if something didn’t turn out on this piece for that rather strongly there was a wish, then is exact not till a holiday. You understand that year passed unsuccessfully. And how here not to get sad.

Secondly is an attention which is paid to your person this day. Often attention surplus, much more, than it would be desirable and its everyday quantity is exact more, than. Instead of all this on temper.

The third reason, according to psychologists is a behavior of people around. It is frequent not absolutely what you expect. There are cases when your loved ones, owing to the employment can’t simply congratulate you, or the best friend got confused in numbers and called a week earlier, and person dear to you simply forgot. Yes, in this situation it is possible to become despondent.
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And one of important points – hypocrisy. It irritates most of all. After all by tradition all wish to you all the best: successes, love, tra-la-la and is obligatory health, what are ready to strangle you, for various reasons wish aloud even. Pleasantly when the loved one from pure soul congratulates, and you feel it. And after all, how many congratulating on a complacency mask on a face and in a voice which on you absolutely to spit. With which you didn’t communicate for five-ten years and here on you is ringing (probably, in schoolmates I saw date of birth). After short and snotty congratulations, the question surely follows: – Well how are you doing?. And anything surprising, after all to talk that there is nothing. The general subjects aren’t present. And here it is necessary to tell something, to tell, having fastened as a pleasure mask from this call. Here aunt Frosya called: congratulations, wishes, how are you and forward the story about that as to it hard is in this world, about that what goof her son or the confused daughter. That tomatoes were pollinated not correctly, eggplants weren’t born, and a doggie of a fly ate. It is necessary to listen about the husband drunkard and to hope that the latest news isn’t present more as about all this I heard two days ago, having happened upon the aunt.

Ha. Vasya calls. Four years weren’t audible. That it it suddenly? In total on the prepared: thanks, thanks, tra-la-la put well. And here it is the reason, induced to remember about me: – borrow fifty dollars to …! ! ! Strange, last time, occupied four years ago two hundred, and now only fifty. Well and what to answer such buddy which remembered about you only … (the reason it is clear to all).

All right telephone congratulations but as it is sometimes difficult to receive guests of the house. Again pleasure masks, and from both parties. As I am glad all of you to see – even if isn’t glad. I am glad to see, even taking into account that the person himself thrust on a visit or he should be invited because so it is necessary. Continuous hypocrisy. Only small children, in any case, as adults don’t say lies.

And in day of the birth there is a strong desire to appear on the desert island.

It becomes visible for these reasons Birthday by a sad holiday.

But it is worth remembering that there are people who really love you. Also you shouldn’t deprive nevertheless of them pleasure to make to you pleasantly with all the heart and without hypocrisy.

In total Happy birthday!

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