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“BATE”. Reset.

Here it! Came true! At last Cape understood that further so it is impossible to live. Goncharenko passes to the Krasnodar “Kuban”!

Better late than never! Yes. It “RELEASED” it, instead of Goncharenko “ASKED FOR LEAVE” or “Kuban” INSISTED”. If to approach to a transfer it is pure practically, Victor chose for this purpose not the most right moment – it was necessary to leave at once after a victory over “Bavaria”. And it means that transition was initiated first of all Cape. Most of all on this transfer I won club from Borisov. Let the was replaced by the, let. Let “Kuban” – not CSKA or “Zenith”, let. Even if at Goncharenko anything in Krasnodar region also doesn’t burn out – and Borisov all the same will be in plus. Because further delay at the solution of available problems threatened to turn into collapse!

But after all it is live still a smoking! Club it is possible somehow and to accuse as much as necessary of anything, but it as if a bird the Phoenix, over and over again rises from the ashes. In any case to speak – personally I for myself buried time BATE four. After gloomy 0:1 against “Litex” on the home field, after Stasevich, after the Bavarian euphoria, after Karaganda. And as much time they revived! Improbably!

Improbably, but they will get out and now. Anywhere won’t get to! Are doomed! And here that will be with Goncharenko? “Kuban” for it – that Rubicon. As they say, or the sir, or was gone! As a whole all Internet space frostily wishes the trainer of good luck in new club. With pleasure I join. Good luck to you, Victor Mikhaylovich!

However I was intrigued most of all in all this history not by Goncharenko’s transition, and transition to Vadim Skripchenko’s Krasnodar club as the assistant. The person left a post of the head coach and voluntary became Victor Mikhaylovich’s assistant. To what it? Money or “Kuban” came to an end became a portal of penetration of the Belarusian trainers in the Russian championship?

And still for some reason very much it isn’t believed that our people will be late in Krasnodar for four and a half years. No, well there is certainly an option to win the Champions League, though… It is unlikely something guarantees it for these provincials, huh? :)

It is clear, that time at them hasn’t enough, clearly that it simply isn’t present. But after all to madness of the brave will eat we the song?

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