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As it is correct to communicate to the adult with the child

Always and especially today the importance has ability to communicate. Sometimes we at all don’t notice that we communicate all day long. Let’s reflect what requires communication?
The person lives in society among similar. There is a continuous exchange of information to world around, to people. Expressing feelings and thoughts through communication of people develops as the personality, expanding the experience and an outlook.

And certainly all of us get the first experience of communication in a family.

Now it is known that communication with the baby begins in a womb of mother and remains important the moment throughout the entire period of development and growth of the child. The kid starts communicating and giving the feelings, and emotions gestures, a mimicry, various sounds. Parents need to learn to understand the child and constantly to keep in touch with him. As often as possible to talk to the kid, to listen to him, to play, sing songs, to show the love through kisses and an enclasping of the kid. All this positively influences its further emotional development. The most important factor for harmonious communication with the child is the parental love.

All councils, recipes and rules on communication, and education of the child, without love won’t bring any positive results.

The sincere parental love and care, warmth, positive spirit, understanding of problems of the child is the that soil which is favorable for harmonious development and the happy childhood. Children well understand adults with positive power and answer them with the same. Are as a result happy both parents, and children.

Here some good advice for improvement of quality of communication:
1. At communication with the child don’t apply word which can offend the child.
2. Never it is necessary to punish the child the silence. Silence as we will accept very negatively affects mental development of the child. You remember it.
3. Don’t abuse the kid when he does that – that isn’t correct. Help it and together understand why it is impossible to it.
4. From time to time play role-playing games. you will be a child, and he your parent. It will help you to look at itself eyes of your child. Very interestingly!
5. You create together with the child. It very much pulls together. Together you make something, draw, you mold, put a mosaic and puzzles, dance, read books, you learn verses, play. Joint creativity will help the child to accustom and feel surer quicker, and the main thing necessary and favourite.
6. Don’t forget that you are an example for imitation. Try not to set negative examples. Also try correctly and to talk to the child competently. Remember that the child grows, and the habit remains with him.
7. Questions of the child answer clearly and truthfully, moderately his understanding. It isn’t necessary to answer with a question a question, and also to compare it to other children.
8. Try not to call the child, even for fun, bad or offensive words (“Ah, you are my idler! “, “You are my little fool! “).
9. Always call the child by a full name or umenshitelno – laskatelno (Tanechka, Serezhechka).
10. Be engaged in the self-education in the field of education of children. Also you remember – in education the main thing love and a positive example.

Create in the family the kind relations. Give love and attention to children! Make the children and than itself is happier!

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