Alirez revived!



The Iranian man who has survived after reduction of the death sentence in execution, will repeatedly execute. “This person was sentenced to death by court, and the death sentence pronounced to it will be carried out”, – the judge declared.

As journalists when relatives of the condemned came to a mortuary to take away a corpse report, it became clear that he (victim) still breathes. The poor fellow placed in chamber of intensive therapy where he already actively goes on the amendment!

If to argue purely legally, it is available unpleasant precedent. Cases when judged by miracle escaped from death, aren’t so rare, but this – out of the common. Prison doctors verified death! Prosecutors and judges can demand, of course, repeated execution, but all trumps on hands of defenders. The sentence was carried out? I was! Doctors verified death? Stated! You demand to make amendments to the criminal code legally to allow repeated execution? Then bring there, at the same time, and point on revival condemned, as justification… What, poorly?

You think, doctors were mistaken? This year in Iran 560 people are executed. It is too little to learn to define, whether the person died or not?

But we in general about what? Ponder! They rescue from death of the dead and after that “Rescue” all the same are going to kill him? It to you not oil buttered! It is nonsense crazy! What sense of such “Rescue”? Business is business? Anything personal?

Than to help the poor creature? And after all there is a decision! And what if Christians urgently canonize the Sacred Great martyr Alirez and will demand to release it from paws of Muslims, how New the Messiah?

Why not? It revived! And to that there is a lot of witnesses!

As was to be shown!

How there in “The white Sun of the desert”?

– At once to kill you or you want to suffer?

– It is better to suffer, of course…

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