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Advantage and harm of a coco

Passing by department with fruit in shop, we occasionally dart the glance towards an exotic fruit, a name, to which “Coco”. Well, lies to itself, nobody is touched by this nut. Well and let lies. After all if to buy it, there will be a new problem – how to unpack… And after all it not nut at all. It is a stone. Type as at an apricot. And both the pulp and a shell have a number of useful properties.

The coco grows on a palm tree. To reap a crop of cocoes, local farmers and other easy riders tease monkeys, and those, in turn, are angry and start rushing to speculators cocoes. After that peasants wait for darkness approach under the screen of night to disappear from eyes of furious monkeys and to reap it a wonderful crop because white people from the continent already wait – they pay 1 dollar for all crop. This money quite will suffice on new tips for arrows and something else… So the coco gets to us. And we concept have no that that with it to do. Yes and no need to us to deal with this nut. Simply we don’t know how it is useful. And medical and preventive properties it has much.

The coco comprises such quantity of useful substances that if we knew about them, drugstores would work only on days off. At first, and then in general wouldn’t be necessary. In this tropical fruit, strangely enough, the whole chain of vitamins, such as B1, V2, B3, B5, B6, B9, E, H and vitamin C contains. If you had a medical education, you would know that vitamins of group B keep in a healthy condition of an eye, a brain and heart. Except vitamins, in a coco there are minerals, namely iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, sodium and others. The separate attention can be paid to organic iodine which is easily acquired by an organism. And after all iodine is very important element of the table of Mendeleyev for a human body.

The coco pulp, coconut milk and oil well influence an organism as early – healing, antiviral, antimicrobic and a helminthic. In other words, the coco is an excellent antibiotic with function to drive worms. Inoculations aren’t necessary any more!

You know, what aroma has a coco? Looked advertizing about paradise pleasure? Imagine that the coco is strong aphrodisiac. Therefore, it strengthens a sexual inclination, and still positively influences man’s and female health.

The coco use in food will lead to that you will lower cholesterol level, immunity will become stronger, you will get rid of problems of a thyroid gland, in you all intestinal parasites will die. When you will gorge on a coco much, in you energy will be restored lost in a day on a farm or on a tree felling, and also brains will rise on the place if you lost them during examinations. And most important: after all this you will stop a lock and gas generation in intestines! Abruptly, huh?

Important opening: in a coco there is a milk. But it not simple milk, and very useful. If I now list all its useful properties, you even can not believe, but it is the truth! First, substances containing in coconut milk relieve of a cancer (! ! ! ) slow down process of aging and interfere with formation of blood clots. Secondly, at milk of a coco there are enzymes which with ease improve a metabolism and work of all digestive system. Thirdly, in itself coconut milk has property of normalization of level of cholesterol in blood, and also a blood pressure. Further, your organism, thanks to the use of coconut milk, will receive the unknown resilience of an organism to the various infectious diseases caused by various infections. Forgot? After all the coco is an antibiotic a fig to itself… And still coconut milk is useful for diabetics as it reduces the content of sugar in blood, removes toxins and perfectly invigorates and satisfies thirst.

Coconut oil didn’t stand aside when Supreme allocated a coco with such set of useful properties. Coconut oil for a long time began to add in different cream and other cosmetics. And after all it isn’t casual! Coconut oil is an invaluable product. And its use has to be not only outside, but also inside. After all it strengthens immune system, helping to fight against bacteria and the viruses causing hepatitises, flu and even (attention! ! ! ) AIDS! Coconut oil promotes burning of fats, normalizes sugar level, and also improves work of digestive system and cardiovascular system, strengthens cogs and bones, promotes the best assimilation of minerals and useful substances.

And still coconut oil does an organism is more hardy, is medical and a prophylactic against diseases of urinogenital system (for example, prostatitis! ) helps at a hypoglycemia (a lack of glucose of blood), normalizes a menstrual cycle at women, facilitates consequences and the course of psoriasis (a skin disease when on skin there is a peeling, an itch – a chronic disease). The laurinovy acid containing in coconut oil similar on the structure to maternal milk, kills viruses, fungoid infections, bacteria and the elementary parasites. Antibiotic, in a word.

So, my dear, eat a coco regularly and there will be to you a happiness. But don’t forget that except useful properties the coco has also the harmful. For example, if you spend in the afternoon for that to open it, and at you so anything and doesn’t leave, you can be subject to a stressful situation that very badly can affect your nervous system, and also integrity of an organism of the passerby passing by your window who, having got under combination of circumstances, will be compelled to catch the skull this fine tropical fruit. In this case you can have such problems, as criminal prosecution, a fight and other processes of destruction of your health and you as persons. Therefore to open a coco use the professional tool in closed, without windows and doors, the room below sidewalk level. In case of emergency, ask for the help experts.

Bon appetit and kind to you health!

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