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Abortion: pros and cons

I don’t know how there in all other world, and at us in Belarus the company on fight against abortions grows. “Allow me to be born! “, “Present to me life! ” – slogans of huge billboards in eager rivalry go on, in social networks any polls are carried out, the subject of abortions is exaggerated by mass media… It is unlikely movement for a ban of abortions will capture the whole world, most likely in some countries, and not least in Belarus, will adopt on the quiet the next decree and business from the end. Talked-argued and forgot…
And only somewhere away aside there will be a lonely question for the sake of which all and was started.

Increase of level of birth rate.

Anybody also won’t remember it. What for? After all the main mission the ban on abortions with a crash will fail. Birth rate won’t increase! The number of people in Belarus remains on a former place.
Why? Good question! About it now speech also will go.

Let’s begin, perhaps, from far away. Small, so to speak, lyrical digression. Notorious Belarusian “indifference” – whether what is it? Is it, this “indifference” in general, or it is the myth created for the purpose of a befuddling of Belarusians?

And I here will agree with those who claims that Belarusians – the nation which to spit on everything. Anyhow, if in all that doesn’t concern a survival and comfort question, we show the surprising indifference adjoining on full rejection? That occurred that it happened – “our log hut always with edge”!

To what I it? Yes everything is simple – to a question of a ban of abortions. You will think, will forbid abortions! In the world there are things more important! You will think, it is impossible to make abortion? ! Let’s cease to love each other – here and a solution! And that what of it! Why to me children in general? And unwanted – especially!

Now let’s look at a question from other point of view. From the point of view of the woman, the girl or the girl at whom the test for pregnancy instead of one strip showed two. What to do? To give birth, despite everything? Unexpected, uninvited or even UNLOVED little man? Sense? Because in Belarus an unsuccessful ratio of mortality and birth rate?

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of the women who have faced this problem, will prefer to bring after all into world posterity, however will be also such which, despite all ban, nevertheless will take all necessary steps for pregnancy interruption.

Well and that we after all will achieve as a result? Hundreds or maybe become even more unfortunate than one thousand people, than were!

Painfully to write these lines. Especially because once I was the supporter of fight against abortions. It would seem how it is possible to go across the mother of the nature and to destroy a flesh from the flesh?

Now I matured. I understood that love can’t be ordered! That everything that becomes becomes to the best! That God helps those who help themselves! Can call as much as necessary me the misogynist, the fan of abortions or still anyone, I will agree to differ – it is impossible to forbid abortions by no means!

And birth rate should be increased! Only not draconian methods! If to the state this subject is so important, can be it is worth thinking of increase in a birth grant? Or about any else guarantees of the help to the people, assumed hard mission of increase in birth rate? How, for example, it do in the United Arab Emirates?

And we will try in reply, oh we will try! After all truth?

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